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Build Trusted Journals For Your Community

Academic-led publishing is leading the way in establishing trusted journals for smaller communities. Our systems help you to set up your journal without the usual risks.

Build Your Profile and Reputation

Demonstrate willingness to take leadership in your research area by launching your own journal.

Change the equation

Take control of publishing and stop large commercial publishers from making profits at the community’s expense.

Don’t risk it

Set up journals for free, keep ongoing costs low and ensure you are not out of pocket.

Ditch the spreadsheets

Free yourself from the tyranny with a submission and peer review system that effortlessly manages and tracks authors and reviewers.

Grow your journal

Start small and then add HTML, typesetting, and copy editing options as and when you are ready.

Stop the runaround

Don’t worry about managing multiple suppliers – you get everything you need with our end-to-end service.

Ready to know more?

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