Fees and Rewards



Veruscript’s journals are funded either by authors through the payment of a fee (a model usually referred to as gold open access), or by third-party organisations (this model is sometimes called platinum open access). In the ‘platinum’ subsidised model, authors are not charged any fee for publication.

The table below provides information on the funding model and fees charged for each journal.

Journal name Funding model Author fees
Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies Subsidised model N/A
Journal of Ecoacoustics Partner journal: mixed model (sponsored and author-pays) £350
Veruscript Functional Nanomaterials Author-pays model Fees currently waived
Veruscript Nano Author-pays model Fees currently waived

Author-pays model

How much?

In the author-pays model, Veruscript levies an article-processing charge (APC) of £1000/€1300/$1500 for each manuscript accepted for publication. The authors are responsible for arranging the payment of that fee before publication, although the payment itself may come from their institution or funding body.

Using up your Veruscript Credit

Five Veruscript Credits equal one article publication. Authors who have accumulated 5 credits through peer review (see below) can redeem them to publish an article for free.

Subsidised APCs

Authors who lack funding for the APC may apply for a subsidy from our Researcher Fund. This fund is credited by reviewers who donate their reward to it.

Authors who intend to apply for an APC subsidy from the Researcher Fund should indicate it at the time of submission. Processing of the submission will only start if the APC subsidy is granted.

Waived APCs

Veruscript doesn’t levy APCs on certain article types such as editorials and book reviews (see journal site for details). In addition, letters to the editor and corrections are published free of charge to encourage debate and maintain the integrity of the scholarly record.

Articles expressly solicited by editors-in-chiefs or associate editors do not incur an APC. Authors should indicate at the time of submission if their article was commissioned.

Members of the editorial board can also contribute to the journal at no cost.

Veruscript also subsidises APCs for authors who lack APC funding through the Researcher Fund.

APC information
Payment process

The submitting author is responsible for arranging payment of the APC.

The APC is payable when the manuscript is editorially accepted. Payment is required before the manuscript is sent to production and published.

Payments will be requested via our Editorial System submission platform. Authors can either pay directly through PayPal, or request an invoice on our platform for payment by bank transfer.

Value-added tax (VAT)

APCs do not include any taxes such as VAT. Payers residing in the European Union must add VAT at the rate applicable in their country to the fee.


Articles withdrawn after acceptance incur the full APC.

APC Refunds

Veruscript will refund an article processing charge (APC) if an error on our part has resulted in a failure to publish an article under the open access terms selected by the authors. A refund will only be offered if these errors have not been corrected within 30 days of publication.

APCs will not be refunded when articles are retracted as a result of author error or misconduct.

Subsidised journals

Some journals are financed by sponsors (such as academic institutions, learned societies, funding bodies or companies) and do not levy APCs from the authors.

Veruscript rewards reviewers in the same way for subsidised journals as for the author-pays model.

Sponsors have no sway on editorial matters, such as editorial decisions on manuscripts, the composition of the editorial board, or the editorial direction of the journal.


As a thank you gesture, and as a way to acknowledge their essential contribution to our journal, we offer each reviewer the choice between these three tangible rewards:

  • Receiving a cash payment of £100 (approximately €130/$150);
  • Receiving one Veruscript Credit; five credits can be redeemed to publish an article for free;
  • Donating the cash reward to our Researcher Fund.

Reviewers are rewarded regardless of their recommendation or of the decision made on the manuscript. However, reviewers are only rewarded if they submit good-quality reviews on time. See the journal’s reviewer guidelines for details.

The compensation covers the initial review as well as further clarifications and review of the revised manuscript if required.

Compensations are awarded only to reviewers who submit a full, detailed and acceptable review on time.

Researcher Fund

This fund receives donations from reviewers.

This fund can be used to subsidise APCs for authors who cannot afford them. In such cases, Veruscript doubles the amount subsidised by the Fund so as to facilitate access to Open Access publishing to all researchers.