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Who We Are

We can help you create an innovative,
visible publishing programme

What We Do

Academic publishers have had it far too good for far too long. Their high subscription prices limit access to and reuse of research. Their open access journals charge too much per article. Open Access must be affordable and available to all researchers — no matter their location or discipline.

Publishing needs to be put back in the hands of the community, where it belongs. Only then will we break this vicious circle. We are trying to make this happen.

Rewarding Peer Reviewers

Our reviewer rewards empower reviewers and return value to the community.

Publishing Services

Our publishing services offer a real alternative for universities, societies, and academics.

From Our Founders: Nazik and Gleb

It was a May afternoon in 2009 and we were studying in the University of York’s library. After reading a particularly inspiring research article, we started to think about the people behind the journals – the authors and reviewers – and we got annoyed. Why did they do all the work, but only the publishers profited? We decided things had to change and control had to be returned to the community. The seed that became Veruscript was planted.

Fast forward to the present and that seed has grown. We have used our own money to build a dynamic company that experiments with innovative products, business models, and technology for the good of the community. We are free from politics and shareholder expectations, and have no legacy revenue to protect, so we can do things differently. We publish our own journals that reward peer reviewers and provide cost-effective publishing services to partners.

Our London-based team has nearly 50 years of publishing experience between its members. Our company may be new, but we have a wealth of industry knowledge.

Best wishes,
Nazik Ibraimova and Gleb Cheglakov
Co-Founders, Veruscript

We can help you create an innovative, visible publishing programme. We have the platform you need and we continue to innovate and improve.