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Reviewer Rewards

Fair to everyone

Our Approach

We want to be fair to everyone involved in the publishing process and reward the contribution peer reviewers make. Therefore, selected journals reward peer reviewers for their time and effort.

Why We Do This

It’s simple. Because everyone involved in the publishing process should benefit from sustainable, fair publishing — regardless of their field, location or access to funding.

How We Do It

We let peer reviewers decide how the value they generate can benefit the research community. They can take a cash payment, build credits for future publication or make a donation to our research fund.

Making It Fair

Authors pay an Article Processing Charge (APC). Our APCs are lower than many publishers and part of this provides funds that let us reward reviewers.

As a reviewer, you can choose how to take your rewards. The first option: earn one credit for every review, and collect five credits to publish an article free of charge. Alternatively, add your reward to the researcher’s fund — this supports academic research across all disciplines. Of course, you can also choose a cash reward.