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Yes, all Veruscript journals are peer reviewed.

To submit an article to a journal, create an account on the journals submission site (links below), and follow the steps outlined there. If you have any questions or problems submitting an article please email

Veruscript Nano – Journal of Nanosafety & Nanomedicine
Journal of Ecoacustics
Veruscript Functional Nanomaterials
Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies

All articles published by Veruscript are open access, freely available online from the moment they are published. Journals which are not supported by a third party levy Article Processing Charges in order to cover the costs of publishing. We endeavour to keep our APCs as low as possible, and researchers that do not have funding available to pay APCs can apply to the Veruscript Researcher Fund to cover their APC.

The article processing charge for journals that reward reviewers covers the peer reviewer rewards, production costs, editorial honoraria, development and maintenance of the platform and submission systems, and staff costs. The article processing charge roughly breaks down to peer review 20%, direct costs 40%, indirect costs 27% and profit 13%.

In general, authors retain the copyright of their article, although in some cases the copyright belongs to the authors' employer and in other cases still there is no copyright. Veruscript never owns the copyright of an article and only needs a licence to publish it. More information on our copyright and licences can be found here.

If you have any questions about any article please contact

Authors that do not have the funding to pay the Article Processing Charge can apply to the Veruscript Researcher Fund during submission to cover their APC. Researchers can also earn credits towards APCs through the Veruscript Reviewer Reward program.

Yes. We think knowledge and ideas should be shared openly so we don’t demand exclusive rights to any piece of work. Our authors are free to deposit their work in any repository.

The Editors and Associate Editors select the reviewers. We only reward reviewers for quality, timely reviews. The editors ensure the reviews they use and pass onto authors are satisfactory, and our in-house staff also spot check reviews. We try to ensure that we don’t place an undue burden on researchers by sending repeated requests to the same people to review for our journals. We are monitoring reviewer activity and will prevent reviewers from accepting too many invitations if this becomes a problem.

To become a reviewer on a journal simply create an account on that journal's submission site (links below). Please ensure you fill in the details regarding your expertise, as these will be used to assess whether you are a suitable reviewer for the journal. Once you have been approved as a reviewer, invitations for review on relevant papers will be emailed to you. If you have any questions or problems signing up as a reviewer please email

Veruscript Nano – Journal of Nanosafety & Nanomedicine
Journal of Ecoacustics
Veruscript Functional Nanomaterials
Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies

Our reviewers are hand-picked. They’ll either be known to or be recommended to an editor. For a reviewer to be offered a reward, their comments must be thorough, relevant and constructive. The journal’s handling editor will judge that.

Rewards are offered to peer reviewers who provide quality, considered and constructive reviews.

It’s the reviewer’s choice to accept a cash payment, donation or publishing credit.

If you are an editor, society or institution interested in starting a journal please contact

Yes. We’re happy to speak to academic organisations and societies about publishing their journals. Send us an enquiry if you need more information.

Our rewards scheme is our biggest differentiator, but we are also always looking for other ways to support the community. We have recently rolled out our publishing services to enable societies and institutions to run their own journals at very low cost. We are also trying to establish a platinum open access model for some journals, especially in the Humanities, where funding for APCs is provided by external sponsors..

Veruscript is committed to preserving all papers published. Currently we use Portico to preserve our content.

Veruscript is a start-up, privately-funded, for profit business.

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