Aims and Scope

As an interdisciplinary journal, Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies will publish research exploring the social, economic, political and cultural processes evolving in this space. Papers which seek to combine sectoral or sub-regional focus with broader regional outlook will be particularly welcome. The Journal also seeks to translate articles and critical reviews produced by the scholars from the region in the local languages. Vigorous peer-review of any material will be secured by the editorial board comprising of academics from around the World, particularly the region itself.


Whether as a new configuration or as a renewed entity, Eurasia’s vigorous emergence on the world stage is captivating attention of not only scholars and policy makers, but also of the global citizenry. In the vast geographic space stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean on the one hand, and on the other, from the Central Asia to the eastern reaches of Europe, the growing interest in the region has resulted in a number of significant attempts to capture or understand the processes evolving in this space. However, until recently the research of Eurasia was mostly conducted from outside-in perspective. Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies seeks to create a more inclusive and thus, holistic, perspective to deepen the understanding of the region. To fulfill this goal the Journal seeks to give voice to the scholars of the region and engage them in interaction with their colleagues in rest of the World.

Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies E-ISSN: 2514-4634